Core Data Programming Guide

Core Data Programming Guide

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The Core Data framework provides generalized and automated solutions to common tasks associated with object life-cycle and object graph management, including persistence. You should read this guide to gain an understanding of the Core Data framework. You are expected to be familiar with the basics of Cocoa development, including the Objective-C language and memory management.

Table of Contents

  • Technology Overview
  • Core Data Basics
  • Managed Object Models
  • Using a Managed Object Model
  • Managed Objects
  • Managed Object Accessor Methods
  • Creating and Deleting Managed Objects
  • Fetching Managed Objects
  • Using Managed Objects
  • Memory Management Using Core Data
  • Relationships and Fetched Properties
  • Non-Standard Persistent Attributes
  • Managed Object Validation
  • Faulting and Uniquing
  • Using Persistent Stores
  • Core Data and Cocoa Bindings
  • Change Management
  • Persistent Store Features
  • Concurrency with Core Data
  • Core Data Performance
  • Troubleshooting Core Data
  • Efficiently Importing Data

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