Computers at Risk: Safe Computing in the Information Age

Computers at Risk: Safe Computing in the Information Age

Computers at Risk presents a comprehensive agenda for developing nationwide policies and practices for computer security. Specific recommendations are provided for industry and for government agencies engaged in computer security activities.


Computer systems are coming of age. As computer systems become more prevalent, sophisticated, embedded in physical processes, and interconnected, society becomes more vulnerable to poor system design, accidents that disable systems, and attacks on computer systems. Without more responsible design and use, system disruptions will increase, with harmful consequences for society. They will also result in lost opportunities from the failure to put computer and communications systems to their best use.

Table of Contents

  • Overview and Recommendations
  • Concepts of Information Security
  • Technology to Achieve Secure Computer
  • Programming Methodology
  • Criteria to Evaluate Computer and Network Security
  • Why the Security Market Has Not Worked Well
  • The Need to Establish an Information Security Foundation
  • Research Topics and Funding

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