Communication Networks

Free eBook “Communication Networks” by Sharam Hekmat. This book is concerned with post-computer communication networks and two of its important streams: data communication and telecommunication. Data communication
refers to the communication between digital computers, facilitated by computer networks.


Telecommunication refers to the primarily human-to-human communication facilitated by the global telephone system. The differences between these two streams are mainly due to historical reasons. Telecommunication is increasingly relying on digital computer technology, and data communication is relying more than ever on telecommunication networks. The two streams are rapidly converging.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Physical Layer
  • The Data Link Layer
  • The Network Layer
  • The Transport Layer
  • The Session Layer
  • The Presentation Layer
  • The Application Layer
  • Local Area Networks
  • Telephone Networks
  • Integrated Services Digital Network
  • Broadband ISDN and ATM

Book Details

Author(s): Sharam Hekmat
Format(s): PDF
File size: 640 KB
Number of pages: 198
Link: Download.

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