COM and .NET Interoperability

COM and .NET Interoperability

“COM and .NET Interoperability” provides a complete overview on the process of building .NET applications which interact (interoperate) with existing COM code. Apress Publishing has provided TheServerSide.NET with COM and .NET Interoperability for free download.

My ultimate goal in writing this book is to provide you with a solid foundation of COM and .NET interoperability. To achieve this goal, I have chosen to provide material that defines the finer details of the COM and .NET architectures. For example, over the course of the first six chapters, you will learn how to programmatically generate and parse COM IDL, dynamically generate C# and VB .NET source code on the fly (via System.CodeDOM), and build .NET applications that can read COM type information. After all, when you need to build a software solution that makes use of two entirely unique programming paradigms, you had better have a solid understanding of each entity.


  • Introduction to Platform Invocation (PInvoke) services
  • Calling a traditional DLL from C and C++
  • Using PInvoke to call a traditional DLL with .NET
  • Callback functions in .NET for DLLs
  • Tutorial for COM servers
  • Consuming .NET components in VB 6, C++, and VBScript
  • Intermediate COM to .NET techniques
  • Advanced techniques for using .NET in COM
  • Overview of COM+
  • Classic COM+ components versus .NET equivalentsp
  • Lazy automatic registration
  • Object construction strings
  • Just-in-time activation
  • Transactional programming in .NET
  • Sample serviced components

Book Details

Author(s): Andrew Troelsen
Publisher: Apress
Format(s): PDF
File size: 6.36 MB
Number of pages: 792
Link: Download.

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