CoffeeScript Cookbook

CoffeeScript Cookbook

“CoffeeScript Cookbook” includes CoffeeScript recipes for the community by the community. Underneath all those awkward braces and semicolons, JavaScript has always had a gorgeous object model at its heart. CoffeeScript is an attempt to expose the good parts of JavaScript in a simple way.


CoffeeScript is a programming language that transcompiles to JavaScript. The language adds syntactic sugar inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell to enhance JavaScript’s brevity and readability, and add more sophisticated features like list comprehension and pattern matching.

Table of Contents

  • Syntax
  • Classes and Objects
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Dates and Times
  • Math
  • Functions
  • Metaprogramming
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Regular Expressions
  • Networking
  • Design Patterns
  • Databases
  • Testing

Book Details

Author(s): Various authors
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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