C# Query Expressions

This is a sampling of a full book that covers C# 3.0 fundamentals, and provides a full grounding in C# 3.0 Query Expressions. The book is filled with exercises that have solutions in the back. To show you what these are like, there are 82 of these exercises and solutions in the sample.


The full text includes more material from Query Expressions chapter. It also includes additional chapters that cover LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML, respectively. This book introduces experienced C# 2.0 programmers to version 3.0’s

We relied on one another’s particular strengths, expertise, and mutual professionalism to realize our shared goals, which are to:
• Guide readers toward enriched knowledge of this often-complex material.
• Cover every relevant topic.
• Illustrate every concept with corresponding exercises.
• Clarify each idea with illustrative examples.
• Explore all the avenues in each topic.

Table of Contents

  • Simple New Features
  • Query Expressions
  • Exercise Solutions

Book Details

Author(s): Jamie King and Bruce Eckel.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.11 MB
Number of pages: 239
Link: Download.

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