C++ FAQ Lite

C++ FAQ Lite

In a concise and direct question-and-answer format, C++ FAQs, Second Edition brings you the most efficient solutions to more than four hundred of the practical programming challenges you face every day. Moderators of the on-line C++ FAQ at comp.lang.c++, Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, and Mike Girou are familiar with C++ programmers’ most pressing concerns. In this book, the authors concentrate on those issues most critical to the professional programmer’s work, and they present more explanatory material and examples than is possible on-line.

This book focuses on the effective use of C++, helping programmers avoid combining seemingly legal C++ constructs in incompatible ways. This second edition is completely up-to-date with the final ANSI/ISO C++ Standard. It covers some of the smaller syntax changes, such as “mutable”; more significant changes, such as RTTI and namespaces; and such major innovations as the C++ Standard Library, including the STL. In addition, this book discusses technologies such as Java, CORBA, COM/COM+, and ActiveX–and the relationship all of these have with C++.These new features and technologies are iconed to help you quickly find what is new and different in this edition. Each question-and-answer section contains an overview of the problem and solution, fuller explanations of concepts, directions for proper use of language features, guidelines for best practices and practices to avoid, and plenty of working, stand-alone examples.


  • Copying permissions
  • On-line sites that distribute this document Updated!
  • C++-FAQ-Book versus (on-line) C++-FAQ
  • Recent changes to this document Updated!
  • Netiquette when posting to comp.lang.c++
  • Big Picture Issues
  • Classes and objects
  • References
  • Inline functions
  • Constructors Updated!
  • Destructors
  • Assignment operators
  • Operator overloading Updated!
  • Friends
  • Input/output via and
  • Freestore management Updated!
  • Exceptions and error handling Updated!
  • Const correctness
  • Inheritance — basics
  • Inheritance — virtual functions
  • Inheritance — proper inheritance and substitutability
  • Inheritance — abstract base classes (ABCs)
  • Inheritance — what your mother never told you
  • Inheritance — private and protected inheritance
  • Inheritance — multiple and virtual inheritance
  • Built-in / intrinsic / primitive data types
  • Coding standards
  • Learning OO/C++
  • Newbie Questions / Answers Updated!
  • Learning C++ if you already know Smalltalk
  • Reference and value semantics
  • How to mix C and C++ Updated!
  • Pointers to member functions Updated!
  • Container classes Updated!
  • Templates Updated!
  • Serialization and Unserialization Updated!
  • Class libraries Updated!
  • Compiler dependencies Updated!
  • Miscellaneous technical issues
  • Miscellaneous environmental issues

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