C Elements of Style

C Elements of Style

This is a free C book and it can be downloaded in pdf and html formats. This handy guide covers the principals of good programming style, teaching C and C++ programmers how to write code that can be easily read, understood, and maintained by others.


Whether you’re a student or professional programmer, you’ll benefit from the many tips and techniques for constructing elegant, reliable code. This book covers only the C language and is a bit out dated. However it still contains a lot of good advice.

Table of Contents

  • Style and Program Organization
  • File Basics
  • Comments and Program Headings
  • Variable Names
  • Statement Formatting
  • Statement Details
  • Preprocessor
  • Directory Organization and Makefile Style
  • User-Friendly Programming and Rules.

Book Details

Author(s): Steve Oualline
Format(s): PDF, HTML
Number of pages: 265
Link: Download or read online.

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