C# Classes – Threads, WinForms and XML

C# Classes - Threads, WinForms and XML

You can read “C# Classes – Threads, WinForms and XML”, written by Vijay Mukhi online for free. This book presents myriad fascinating concepts about C# classes. It is classified into three sections, with each of them converging on distinct facets of classes available in the .Net framework.


The curtains are raised with the chapter on Threads in Section I, which presents a nascent introduction to this topic. The topics of Events and Mutexes are also explored in detail. The next chapter is on the Internet related classes. Here, the utility of the Web classes and their role in building server and client applications are highlighted.

The last chapter in this section takes on a different hue. It encapsulates the crux of writing programs to implement the concept of ‘remoting’. This involves the composition of a client and a server program on different machines.

Table of Contents

  • Threads
  • Events and Mutextes
  • Internet Classes
  • Remoting
  • Controls
  • Data Handling
  • Printing
  • Xml Classes
  • The DTD
  • Xml Data Document
  • Xml Documentation

Book Details

Author(s): Vijay Mukhi, Vinay Kalantri and Sonal Mukhi.
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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