Building Skills in Programming

This book is about many things. The important topics include the Python, programming, languages, data, processing, and some of the skills that make up the craft of programming. We’ll talk about the core intellectual tools of abstraction, algorithms and the formality of computer languages. We’ll also touch on math and logic, statistics, and casino games.


You’ll need to read this book when you have the following three things happening at the same time:

  • You have a problem to solve that involves data and processing.
  • You’ve found that the common desktop tools (word processors, spread sheets, databases, organizers, graphics) won’t really help. You’ve found that they require too much manual pointing and clicking, or they don’t do the right kinds of processing on your data.You’re ready to invest some of your own time to learn how to write customized software that will solve your problem.
  • You’ll want to read this book if you are tinkerer who likes to know how things really work.

For many people, a computer is just an appliance. You may not find this satisfactory, and you want to know more. People who tinker with computers are called hackers, and you are about to join their ranks.

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
  • Using Python
  • Arithmetic and Expressions
  • Programming Essentials
  • Some Self-Control
  • Organizing Programs with Function Definitions
  • Getting Our Bearings
  • Basic Sequential Collections of Data
  • Additional Processing Control Patterns
  • More Data Collections
  • Working with Files
  • Data + Processing = Objects
  • Modules : The unit of software packaging and assembly
  • Fit and Finish: Complete Programs

Book Details

Author(s): Steven F. Lott
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 1.98 MB
Number of pages: 491
Link: Download.

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