Building Java Executables

An online book by covering topics Executable Java Archives, The .EXE Solution and Java Native Interface. It may be used for learning how to create executable files from Java programs. The tutorial assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and the Java language. All the examples given in the tutorial have been tested using JDK 1.3.

Java applications are generally run using the Java interpreter (“java.exe”) from the Java Development Kit (JDK). The interpreter is platform-specific and is essential for executing a Java application. The “java.exe” program interprets the bytecode generated by the compiler. The Java interpreter is launched from the Windows command prompt in the following form:

java classfilename

In fact, no user would like to enter something like this on the command line to start an application. What is the solution to this problem? Let(s) try to find out the solution. In this guide, you will learn how to create an executable Java archive (jar) file.


  • Executable Java Archives
  • The .EXE Solution
  • Java Native Interface

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