Brian and Tom’s Linux Book

This free linux book, Brian and Tom’s Linux Book is divided into the following parts: Part 1 – Linux and Installation, Part II – The OpenLinux GUI, Part III – Basic Linux: Knowing the Command Line, Part IV – System Security, Part V – Working with Linux Servers and Part VI- Appendices.


Brian and Tom’s Linux Book is written to help every Linux user, from the newbie who’s just getting started, to someone who’s been around the block once or twice and wants to have a handy broad reference to all the capabilities of this solid distribution. Included in this title are all of the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and hidden features that we’ve come across in our extensive travels with Linux in general, and especially as they apply to OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4.

Table of Contents

  • Open Source, Linux, Distributions and OpenLinux
  • Before You Install
  • Installation
  • Updating OpenLinux
  • Installation Troubleshooting
  • Changing System Configurations
  • Kernel Management
  • Welcome to KDE
  • KDE Menus
  • KDE Applications
  • Office Suites for Linux
  • The Future of OpenLinux
  • GUI System Management
  • GUI Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • Consoles and Terminals
  • Text Editors
  • User Commands
  • Scripting
  • System Administration on the Command Line
  • The Zen of Administration
  • Understanding System Security
  • Security and Privacy Software
  • Serving Inside the Firewall
  • Serving to the Internet
  • Using Sendmail: An Introduction
  • Serving Web Pages with Apache
  • Running Samba – Windows Spoken Here

Book Details

Author(s): Brian P. Bilbrey and Tom Syroid.
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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