Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming

This online book covers basic software development on Linux a review of the core Ada 95 language and an introduction to designing programs that work with the Linux kernel and standard C libraries. It also covers some of the Ada bindings that exist for packages like Motif TCL and GTK+.


Ada is a language well-suited for serious open source development and is superior in many ways to C++ or Java. Find out is Ada is right for your project in this 20 chapter reference to using Ada on Linux.

Although many Ada basics are covered this document assumes the reader is familiar with a high-level programming language such as BASIC C C++ Java . Borland Delphi programmers will notice similarities between Delphi and Ada. Because C is the dominant language in the Linux world the differences between C and Ada are hilighed throughout the text.

The document is designed to be used as a reference after it’s been read with many tables and examples covering common Linux programming problems. Although this book covers a lot of material it is not intended as an exhaustive survey of Linux Ada programming.Linux is in a constant state of development. Refer to your Linux documentation for the latest information and newest features. Also Ada 95 has several application specific and portability features which are not covered since they are not related to general Linux Ada programming.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Installing Gnat on Linux
  • The Integrated Development Environments
  • From Source Code to Executable
  • Building Large Projects
  • Development Utilities
  • Optimizing Your Project
  • Debugging Your Project
  • Team Development
  • An Introduction to Ada
  • Advanced Ada Programming
  • Standard Gnat Packages
  • Linux Introduction
  • Linux Programming
  • Free Ada Bindings
  • Advanced Linux Programming
  • Translating To Ada
  • Data Structures
  • Java Byte Code and Mixing Languages
  • Developing Your Project

Book Details

Author(s): Ken O. Burtch
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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