ASN.1 – Communication Between Heterogeneous Systems

ASN.1 - Communication Between Heterogeneous Systems

This free book explains ASN.1 and its encoding rules in easy-to-understand terms. It addresses the subject at both an introductory level that is suitable for beginners, and at a more detailed level that is meant for those who seek a deeper understanding of ASN.1 and the encoding rules.


ASN.1 Communication Between Heterogeneous Systems is a book written for novices and experienced ASN.1 users alike. Inside, you’ll find all the introduction you need to begin mastering ASN.1, followed by a detailed User’s Guide and Reference Manual. Organized in order of increasing difficulty, this section teaches you ASN.1 syntax and semantics and the techniques you need to know to use the notation-whether to specify a new protocol or to apply an existing ASN.1 protocol in a new application.

More experienced users can move directly to complete coverage of ASN.1 encoding rules and transfer syntaxes. Additional advanced material focuses on questions/issues that commonly arise when implementing ASN.1 applications, ranging from automatic treatments of specifications to editing tools.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and History of the Notation
  • User’s Guide and Reference Manual
  • Encoding Rules and Transfer Syntaxes
  • ASN.1 Applications

Book Details

Author(s): Olivier Dubuisson
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Format(s): PDF
File size: 6.38 MB
Number of pages: 590
Link: Download.

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