Applications of Prolog

Applications of Prolog

Free Prolog ebook “Applications of Prolog” by Attila Csenki in pdf format. The book Applications of Prolog is the second of two volumes by the author on the programming language Prolog and its applications. Prolog is a general purpose logic programming language associated with artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.


The book comprises four chapters, the first three of them are devoted to Prolog in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The last one is on text processing using Prolog with LATEX in mind.

The first chapter solves an intriguing AI puzzle which was first published in the New Scientist magazine in 2003. The Prolog solution presented here combines problem specific knowledge using Finite Mathematics with the well-know AI technique ‘generate-and-test’. Even though this chapter did not emanate from my teaching activities, the presentation follows a well-tested pattern: the problem is broken down into manageable and identifiable subproblems which then are more or less readily implemented in Prolog. Many interesting hurdles are identified and solved thereby.

The second and third chapters are respectively devoted to blind search and informed search. The material presented in them can be used in lectures to teach Prolog for AI as well as in AI lectures themselves. I have tried to compile a varied and interesting mixture of applications most of which won’t be available anywhere else. Some of the problems considered here served over the years in my lectures as coursework material, though, for various reasons, the discussion is more thorough here.

The fourth chapter is the least conventional one for a Prolog book. It is in two parts.
1. A tool is developed in Prolog for manipulating LATEX files.
2. Prolog is used to generate LATEX commands for drawing parametric curves in documents written in LATEX.

Table of Contents

  • Enigma 1225: Rows are Columns
  • Blind Search
  • Informed Search
  • Text Processing

Book Details

Author(s): Attila Csenki
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.20 MB
Number of pages: 203
Link: Download.

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