Android 5 Programming by Example

Android 5 Programming by Example

With Android 5 Programming by Example, design and customize GUI using material design to create attractive and intuitive layouts easily. Bring your designs to life with Android 5’s powerful and extensive Java libraries, new sensors, and new platforms such as TVs, wearables, and cars. This is an example-based guide to learn and develop applications for Android 5.

Topics included: Setting Up the Development Environment • Building a UI • Activities and Fragments • Managing RecyclerViews and Their Data • Detecting Touchscreen Gestures • Notifications and the Action Bar • Maps, Locations, and Google Services • Apps for TVs, Cars, and Wearables • Camera, Video, and Multimedia • Publishing and Marketing.

Book Details

Author(s): Kyle Mew
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Published: July 2015
Format(s): PDF, ePub, Mobi, Kindle, Online
File size: 3.51 MB
Number of pages: 212
Download / View Link(s): PDF | ePub | Mobi | Kindle | Online

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