An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4

An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4

Free online book “An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4” is a complete tutorial and reference that assumes no previous knowledge of C, C++, objects, or patterns. You’ll walk through every core concept, one step at a time, learning through an extensive collection of Qt 4.1-tested examples and exercises.


Part I contains an introduction to C++, UML, and the Qt core. This part is designed to avoid forward referencing as much as possible, and it presents the topics in an order and a level of detail that should not overwhelm someone who is new to C/C++.

In Part II, you will find higher-level programming ideas, Qt modules, and design patterns. Here we present paradigm-shifting ways of writing code and organizing objects in a modular fashion.

For completeness and for reference, Part III covers in more depth some of the “dry” but important C++ features that were introduced in Part I. By the time the reader has reached this point, these ideas should be a lot easier to understand.

Table of Contents

  • C++ Introduction
  • Top of the class
  • Introduction to Qt
  • Lists
  • Functions
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Libraries
  • Introduction to Design patterns
  • QObject
  • Generics and Containers
  • Qt GUI Widgets
  • Concurrency
  • Models and Views
  • Validation and Regular Expressions
  • Parsing XML
  • Meta Objects, Properties, and Reflective Programming
  • More Design Patterns
  • Database Programming
  • Types and Expressions
  • Scope and Storage Class
  • Statements and Control Structures
  • Memory Access
  • Inheritance in Detail
  • MP3 jukebox Assignments

Book Details

Author(s): Alan Ezust and Paul Ezust.
Format(s): PDF, HTML
Number of pages: 656
File size: 8.88 MB
Link: Download. | Read online.

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