After the Software Wars

After the Software Wars

Free eBook “After the Software Wars” by Keith Curtis, an 11-year veteran of Microsoft, believes deeply that open source is the future of software. He takes a programmer’s approach in “Software Wars,” attempting to systematically build a case that software can help pave the way for a 21st-century renaissance in many fields ranging from artificial intelligence (cars that drive themselves) to the human journey into space (space elevators).


Given the technology that’s already available, we should have cars that drive us around, in absolute safety, while we lounge in the back and sip champagne. All we need is a video camera on the roof, plugged into a PC, right? We have all the necessary hardware, and have had it for years, but don’t yet have robot-driven cars because we don’t have the software. This book explains how we can build better software and all get our own high-tech chauffeur.

Table of Contents

  • Free Software Battle
  • Wikipedia
  • Linux
  • AI and Google
  • Free Software
  • Patents & Copyright
  • Tools
  • The Java Mess
  • The OS Battle
  • Challenges for Free Software
  • Standards & Web
  • Da Future
  • Afterword
  • How to try Linux

Book Details

Author(s): Keith Curtis
Publisher: keithcu press
Format(s): PDF, ePub
File size: 3.10 MB
Number of pages: 34
Link: Download.

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