Ada 95 Adoption Handbook

Ada 95 Adoption Handbook

The Ada 95 Adoption Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to help Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and Program Managers (PMs) understand and implement the transition to Ada 95.


Ada 95 is an incremental improvement of the Ada 83 (ANSI/MIL-STD- 1815A) programming language. It is neither a new language nor some radical redesign. Ada 95 adds support for object-oriented programming, improved real- time capabilities, enhanced support for programming-in-the-large and an improved ability to work with programs written in other languages. Additionally, Ada 95 provides specialized needs annexes that define additional services for areas such as systems programming, real-time systems, distributed systems and information systems.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Why Adopt Ada 95?
  • Ada 95 Adoption Risks: Analysis and Mitigation
  • When to Initiate the Ada 95 Adoption
  • Impact of Ada 95 on the Software Process

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