A Gentle Introduction to symfony 1.4

A Gentle Introduction to symfony 1.4

“A Gentle Introduction to symfony 1.4” is free to read online. This book introduces you to symfony, the leading framework for PHP developers, showing you how to wield its many features to develop web applications faster and more efficiently, even if you only know a bit of PHP.


Symfony is a complete framework designed to optimize the development of web applications by way of several key features. For starters, it separates a web application’s business rules, server logic, and presentation views. It contains numerous tools and classes aimed at shortening the development time of a complex web application. Additionally, it automates common tasks so that the developer can focus entirely on the specifics of an application. The end result of these advantages means there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time a new web application is built!

Symfony is written entirely in PHP. It has been thoroughly tested in various real-world projects, and is actually in use for high-demand e-business websites. It is compatible with most of the available databases engines, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It runs on *nix and Windows platforms. Let’s begin with a closer look at its features.

Table of Contents

  • Introducing Symfony
  • Exploring Symfony’s Code
  • Running Symfony
  • The Basics Of Page Creation
  • Configuring Symfony
  • Inside The Controller Layer
  • Inside The View Layer
  • Inside The Model Layer (Doctrine)
  • Links And The Routing System
  • Forms
  • Emails
  • Caching
  • I18n And L10n
  • Admin Generator
  • Unit And Functional Testing
  • Application Management Tools
  • Extending Symfony
  • Performance

Book Details

Author(s): François Zaninotto, Fabien Potencier.
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 540
Link: Read online

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