A Detailed Description of the GNU Ada Run Time

A Detailed Description of the GNU Ada Run Time Version 1.0 – Integrated with the GNAT 3.15p sources and the annotated Ada Reference Manual (Technical Corrigendum 1).


  • The GNAT project. Brief introduction to the GNAT project, and the overall architecture of the compiler and run-time.
  • Task types and objects. This chapter describes the main aspects of the life-cycle of Ada tasks: task creation, task activation, task termination, and task identification.
  • The Rendezvous. This chapter deals with the handling of the entry call parameters, the rendez-vous queues and the basic rendezvous modes (simple, conditional and selective).
  • Protected Objects. The Ada95 eggshell model for protected objects and its implementation is presented here. Several alternative implemen-tations are also described and discussed.
  • Time and clocks. This chapter covers the Ada timed sentences: timed entry call and timed selective accept.
    Interrupts. The Ada model of interrupts and its implementation is presented here.
  • Exceptions. Data types used to identify the exceptions, and hash table used by GNAT to handle the exceptions are presented here.
  • Abort and Asynchronous Transfer of Control. Ada tasks abortion and the implementation of the Ada95 asynchronous transfer of control are discussed in this chapter.

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