A Beginners Guide To RMI

In general, this free ebook is written for anyone interested in using Java Remote Method Invocation to build distributed applications.


The ebook is intended to be a practical guide to RMI. This ebook assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and the Java language. All the examples given in this ebook have been tested using JDK 1.3.

Table of Contents

  • Network Concepts
  • RMI Architecture
  • The Classic Hello World Program
  • Exporting an Object
  • Creating and Running a Registry Service
  • Dynamic Class Loading
  • Performance
  • Garbage Collector Interfaces and Stub/Skeleton Interfaces
  • Serialization
  • Multithreading
  • Remote Client
  • Servlets and RMI
  • Lazy Activation

Book Details

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Format(s): HTML
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