701 e-Learning Tips

701 e-Learning Tips

These tips are from senior managers and training professionals from major corporations around the world. This free ebook can be downloaded in pdf format.

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started: The ABC’s of “e”
  • Strategic Planning vs. Leading Willy Nilly
  • So Many Choices, So Little Time- Contracts, Procurement & Negotiations
  • Content, Content (Not ToMentionContent)…How To Best Design & Deliver It
  • The Learning Tools & Technology Tsunami – Will You Sink Or Swim?
  • Global & Cultural Perspectives – How NOT To Get Lost In Translation
  • Still Learning After All These Years (and So You Should Be!)
  • In Recognition & Rewards We Trust
  • Testing Here, External Testing There,Quality Assurance Everywhere
  • High Signal/Low Noise – Promoting Learning Like A Pro!
  • The Name Of The Game: Integrating & Rolling Out Learning Solutions
  • Pedagogy & Webagogy – Ready, Set … TRAIN and FACILITATE!
  • Hey, Who Moved My Administration and Support?
  • Measure For Measure: Doing The “ROI” Thing
  • Elliott Masie’s Personal e-Learning Tips

Book Details

Author(s): Elliott Masie
Format(s): PDF
File size: 8.20 MB
Number of pages: 141
Link: Download.

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